Our Passion
Our passion is health. Your health. We're committed to helping improve your quality of life by providing products, information and services so you can live better, healthier, younger and longer.
Message from the President

Welcome to Healthy Brands, LLC. We're honored to have the privilege of connecting with you and I look forward to getting to know you better and learning how we can best help you reach your health and wellness potential.

Our company was formed to help people enjoy better and healthier lives. A lofty goal that sounds great; but rings hollow without the expertise, experience, energy and passion which are the foundation of who we are.

Our initial Healthy Brand's product is calmspace.™ The calmspace proprietary formulation is patent-pending and was developed by combining centuries-old, tried and true methods with state-of-the art, clinically proven formulas. calmspace provides a convenient, discrete, portable and personal option to help mitigate the symptoms of claustrophobic reactions and stress-related anxieties.

Scientific research and product trials confirm that calmspace has helped many by providing a feeling of empowerment to help calm the body and focus the mind to overcome anxiety. The calmspace proprietary blend of organic, therapeutic essential oils has been proven effective in most, but not all, individuals who experience claustrophobia-induced symptoms including sweating, accelerated heart beat, light headedness, shaking and hyperventilation.

Thanks for your interest in Healthy Brands. I welcome your comments, suggestions and thoughts. Please feel free to e-mail me at: jburt@healthybrandsgroup.com.

Jim Burt, President

Healthy Brands LLC